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    Disillusioned with his life, Dr. John Kitchin abandons his career as a neurologist and moves to Pac… LTudor May 10, 2014 20 views

  • Workout with the Tempest 100

    Workout with the Tempest 100

    Workout with the Tempest - by Jorge Botero "Skate smart: know your skill level and skating conditio… natan lakonishok May 8, 2014 24 views

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Soften the Load

Using softer wheels can save your legs on rough and challenging pavement.

Managing Different Road Surfaces - Skate Tip of the Week by Tim Monroe

How to skate safely on just about any surface: for starters, soften the blow.

Ask Bill Begg: Is 3 Too Young?

A mom wants to know if her son is old enough to start skating.

How To Go Low | Skate Tip of the Week

Learning to maintain the low skating position ups your speed and power.

Staying in Shape | Skate Tip of the Week

Debbie Rice's guide to staying in shape for grown ups and above.



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