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Afternoon - so after much discussion, they did NOT rerun the races, and all places were awarded as listed below. The afternoon finished with the elimination race for the Jr and Sr men and women. Just as we were getting ready to start the races, we were hit with what some are referring to as a dust devil. It was the craziest thing... the wind picked up, the next thing you knew papers andwater jugs were flying 15 feet up in the air and then tents went flying, and stuff from a couple of the vendor booths went twirling up into the air. There were shirts and uniforms 50 to 100 feet, swirling around almost like a twister. Some of us thought it looked like the twister scene in the beginning of the Wizard of OZ. There was at least 5 or 6 tents that were destroyed. It is crazy to try to describe it. Kelly Springer, from Cado Motus came on the loud speakers and thanked everyone in the skatingcommunity for their quick response and help at retrieving the shirts and uniforms when they finally came down from the air. I am sure someone will post a video of it soon. Needless to say, the little storm shut down afternoon blogging. This is what the aftermath looked like:

12:14pm Just off the press, we will be rerunning the Jr Men and Jr Ladies finals and consolation races

Sr Womens 500m

Sara Sayasane

Miriah Richardson

Erin Jackson

Sr Men 500m

Joey Mantia

Keith Carroll

William Bowen


Freshman Boys 500m

Tanner Worley takes the gold

Caleb Wakefield - silver

Isiah Oliver - bronze

Freshman Girls 500m

Francheska Bell

Brianna Bocox

Chelsea Grzech


500 Meter Final Results

Masters Women 35 - 44

Tamela Foster Wins the gold in 500m sprint

Masters Women 45-54

Denise Larson wins the gold in 500m sprint

Ami Raynor silver

Masters Men 25 - 34

Juan Gomez takes the gold in 500m sprint

John Ristine - Silver

Cassidy Brown - Bronze

Masters Men 35-44

Jim Larson takes the gold and sets a new national record - 46.669

Michael Fortner - silver

Norm Kirby - bronze

Masters Men 45-54

Curt Labeda takes gold new national record

Jeff Foster - silver

Steve Clemens - Bronze

Masters Men 55 & over

Buggy Almond takes gold

Sandy Emerling - silver

Jr Men Finals

Brandon Hall - bronze

Kevin Carroll - silver

Jonathon Blair - Gold

Caleb Miles - 4th

Jr Ladies Finals

Hailey Leech - 1

Alyssa Franklin - 2

Darian ONeil - 4

Nicole Llyod - 3

Jr Men - consolation

Eben Jackson - 1

Donavon Sellers - 4

Mario Valencia - 2

Drew - Valinsky3

Jr Women - consolation

Vali Thompson

Kimi Getz - 3

Kelsey Helman - 1

Abigale Bloomer - 2

10:14 Freshman Boys final is set: Tanner Worerly, Dylan Stegall, Isaiah Oliver, Not sure for 4th

Freshman Girls final is set: Brianna Bocox, Franchesca Bell , Chelsea Grezch, Blakelee Pittman

Jr Men final is set: Brandon Hall, Jonathon Blair, Kevin Carroll, Caleb Miles

Jr Ladies: Hailey Leech, Alyssa Franklin, Darian O'Neail, and Nicole Llyod

Sr Ladies: Sara Sayasane, Mariah Richardson, Kirsten Attipoe, Erin Jackson

Sr Men: Joey Mantia, Keith Carroll, William Bowen, Harry Vogel

Another sunny morning in Colorado Springs. This morning we are starting with 500m sprint qualifying heats. Most of the heats have been fairly uneventful so far. Zach got kicked in his 500m, had a superman fall, got up and finished out the race and qualified for the quarter-finals. So I went to see how he was and the first thing he said was that the first aid guys over-exagerated the wrap on his arm and he is fine... he did get a nice quarter-size hole on the back-side... that he won't let mom stitch up. I am just glad he is OK, and ready to keep racing :)

Won't be long and we will be starting quarter finals. I will do my best to keep you updated on who is advancing on. Also, they are setting up the cameras, so we are hopeful that today you may be able to watch some of the races at

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