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Adam’s Inline announces the development of a new inline racing team in 2011

Adam’s Inline, located in Minneapolis, a distributor of inline speed, recreational, quad skating and derby equipment is proud to present its latest creation:


Adam’s Test Team, a professional continental inline racing team.  The Team consists of six members: David Sarmiento, Danny Frederick, Ty Fidler, Matthew Meyer, Tom Peterson and Kara Peterson.


These members will take on the responsibility of testing new inline products in search of the fastest equipment and ideal combinations entirely for the benefit of Adam’s Inline customers.  This information will be presented at online forums and to all customers free of charge.  Among the test products for the 2011 season are: various models of Luigino skate boots, Atom wheels, and many other products all of which are available online, in person, or via telephone at Adams’s Inline located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Additionally, the team plans to leverage its competitive strengths to bring top placements at local, national, and international competitions throughout North America.  According to Adam Bradley, owner of Adam’s Inline, “Not only are these athletes experienced and knowledgeable racers, they are all friendly approachable ambassadors of the sport and dedicated to providing an honest evaluation of the products they will be testing in behalf of sponsors and customers a like.  This is going to be a fantastic year for skating!”


Adam’s Inline is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and provides quality name brand and also carries various proprietary branded items for retail sales.


We know the local community will be both interested and proud of this announcement and appreciate your time and consideration in sharing it with them.

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Adam and all test team members...  Congrats on this new team development and the concept.  I agree with Matt's post that you are all great ambassadors to the sport and very approachable.  I look forward to seeing your reports, reviews and race placements.
Good luck team Adam's; I look forward to watching you all skate away from me this summer.
Should I throw a tow rope?
Thank you John for the kind words!
Ooo, I didn't know that was an option :)

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